Frequently Asked Questions

Are they dedicated to my team?

Yes, talent from Flexscale will be assigned only to your company. You will work with them daily, getting to know them, motivating them and building loyalty to your mission.

Can I replace a candidate?

If for some reason a candidate is not the right fit for your team, you can replace them with another candidate at any time, free of charge. We will also provide assistance in training the replacement.

Where are candidates located?

Flexscale gives you access to talent from around the globe. This includes candidates from all over the world including Central America, India, the Philippines and more.

Do you do background checks on candidates?

Yes, we work with independent third parties to conduct thorough background checks on all talent prior to assigning them to your team.

What are your privacy and data security policies?

We enforce a clean desk policy for all candidates and ensure that all data and information is secure related to common standards such as HIPAA.

Can you guarantee a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes, we can define an SLA based on your business's needs. Flexscale will help enforce this SLA with all candidates that are placed with you.

Any questions?

Planning for your company's growth isn't easy. We're here to help advise you based on decades of experience scaling organizations.

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