AsIsOffers increased lead response rate by 24% through Flexscale's lead managers

Discover how AsIsOffers doubled its lead response and appointment rates by hiring full-time lead managers from Flexscale.

Max G.
May 13, 2024


AsIsOffers is a real estate investment company that specializes in providing fast, cash offers to homeowners looking to sell their properties quickly and without hassle. Our focus is on efficiency and streamlining the property sale process to benefit the homeowner.


Prior to our partnership with Flexscale, AsIsOffers faced several critical challenges:

  • Leads falling through the cracks: AsIsOffers was receiving a significant number of leads, but many were not being turned into appointments due to insufficient follow-up.
  • Low response rates: They were only getting 32% of our leads to response to them, meaning only 1 in 3 leads generated actually spoke to AsIsOffers. And only 15% of total leads turned into appointments, which is very low.
  • Overworked acquisition team: Their acquisition manager was overwhelmed with tasks, juggling lead responses, appointment scheduling, and deal management, which hindered her ability to close deals effectively.


To address these challenges, AsIsOffers collaborated with Flexscale. They hired two dedicated lead managers through Flexscale who took on the responsibilities of managing incoming calls and following up on leads to schedule appointments. This strategic move aimed to optimize their lead management process and free up their acquisition manager to focus on closing deals.


The introduction of the lead managers from Flexscale led to remarkable improvements across several key performance indicators:

  • Lead Response Rate: Increased from 32% to 56%, indicating a more effective and prompt handling of incoming inquiries.
  • Appointment Scheduling Rate: Improved from 15% to 27%, reflecting better follow-up and engagement with potential sellers.
  • More deals closed: their acquisition manager, now focused solely on deal management, achieved a 20% appointment to close rate, a testament to the effectiveness of having dedicated personnel for lead management.

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