GoForClose reduced recruiting time by 81% and eliminated job advertising cost

GoForClose shifted their entire international recruiting process to Flexscale, decreasing recruitment time by 81% and job advertising cost by 100%.

Max G.
May 15, 2024


GoForClose is a dynamic, fast-growing company that helps real estate investors build successful businesses. Their core product is a marketing automation platform that identifies homeowners with distressed properties and engages them on behalf of the investor through various marketing channels such as digital advertising, direct mail, and cold calling.


GoForClose was grappling with an internal recruiting process that was not only slow but also resource-intensive. As their need to scale up operations grew, their existing recruitment strategy could not keep pace, leading to significant delays and excessive costs in talent acquisition. It would take take them 32 days on average to place a role such as an Inside Sales Associate.


To address these challenges, they partnered with Flexscale. Flexscale took charge of their entire recruiting process, from sourcing to hiring, for a variety of roles including Inside Sales Associates, Marketing Managers, and Data Analysts. This partnership allowed GoForClose to offload the task of recruitment, enabling their team to focus on core business activities.


The collaboration with Flexscale yielded substantial improvements across several key areas:

  • Recruitment Efficiency: GoForClose reduced the time to recruit a candidate from 32 days to just 6 days, marking an 81% decrease.
  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Flexscale's comprehensive approach allowed GoForClose to streamline their hiring for multiple roles at various experience levels to one source.
  • Cost Reduction: By outsourcing their recruitment process to Flexscale, GoForClose eliminated 100% of our job advertising costs, significantly lowering their overall hiring expenses.

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