Badaboom reduced 90% of the cost of their imagery pipeline with Flexscale

Partnering with Flexscale, Badaboom reduced 92% of their cost per product image they created, and increased their volume of imagery production by 325% per month.

Matthew W.
July 25, 2022


Badaboom gives brands everything they need to take their product from idea to delivery, in one platform. Their mission is to simplify and streamline the product development process so that anyone can create a world-class brand.


Badaboom needs to constantly provide the latest, trending product designs to their customers, a task that requires creating imagery for thousands of products every month.

They tried multiple solutions including in-house designers, recruiting contractors and different methodologies of image creation including 3D modeling and photography. However, each solution was either too expensive or too slow.

If the cost of creating imagery is too high or the output is too slow, Badaboom cannot meet their design volume targets.


Partnering with Flexscale, Badaboom built a new imagery system that could increase volume of design production while reducing costs.

Badaboom developed semi-automatic graphic design tools and templates that designers supplied by Flexscale could pick up quickly and use to generate photo-realistic renders of products.

After 2 weeks of training, a single Flexscale designer could create imagery for 50 products per month, a solution that could provide the scale Badaboom required.


Pairing their new imagery system with Flexscale, Badaboom was able to reduce their cost of creating imagery by 92% per style. They were also able to increase the volume of their imagery production per month by 325%.

I was surprised at how quickly Flexscale was able to find designers for us and even more impressed at how fast they ramped up on our process. We started getting quality output within 2 weeks! 

With the right tools in place and Flexscale, we finally found the right solution for scaling our imagery pipeline.

- Michael C. | Executive Creative Director

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