Basis sees 15% uplift in revenue by using Flexscale to rapidly test product functionality

Working with Flexscale, Basis was able to increase revenue and improve customer experience while reducing operating costs by 75%.

Matthew W.
September 5, 2022


Basis is a fast-growing startup building sales tools for subcontractors. The Y-Combinator backed company’s main product BasisBoard helps subcontractors and material suppliers track all their bids in a collaborative workspace with no manual data entry. 


To keep up with customer demand for new features, Basis needed a solution to rapidly test new product functionality. However, amid a challenging market environment, dedicating valuable and expensive engineering resources to testing new features was a difficult choice.

This put pressure on their operations team to keep customers happy while they built out their product roadmap to fill missing gaps in functionality. Juggling product development, customer success, and growing the business at the same time is a tall order for any company.


Basis found their solution with Flexscale. Using Flexscalers, Basis was able to rapidly test new product functionality with customers, performing operations that software would automate prior to developing the needed features.

This greatly improved the customer experience as they quickly filled the gaps left by missing features. This also served to greatly reduce their operating costs as several manual tasks were offloaded to Flexscalers, allowing Basis to focus on their customers' needs and build quality, stable features according to their product roadmap.


With Flexscale, Basis saw a 15% increase in revenue with customers related to new functionality. They also saw a 75% reduction in operating costs. Most importantly, Basis is now able to efficiently focus on developing the most valuable product functionality, and allocating their resources effectively.

Flexscale takes the sourcing and management of talent off your plate. I used to manage freelancers from all different parts of the world with varying rates. Flexscale streamlines the process and makes it easier for me to focus on bigger picture tasks and projects rather than getting pulled in multiple different directions.

They oversee training, quality of work, and have quickly reacted whenever we needed to improve our process. Additionally, it’s been a pleasure to work with our Flexscalers and are diligent about delivering quality results.

- Taryn J. | Operations Lead

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