BillTrim scaled up customer support by 5x with Flexscale

To meet customer demand quickly, BillTrim 5x'd their customer support team in 45 days with Flexscale.

Matthew W.
July 25, 2022


BillTrim’s mission is to make you never have to worry about overpaying for a service again. Their proprietary technology and professional team work around the clock to reduce your bills to the lowest amount possible and monitor them for even lower rates to find you savings.


Fueled by customer demand and backed by investment, BillTrim needed to grow their service fast. In order to process the volume of bills they were receiving, BillTrim needed to 5x their customer support staff within 45 days.

At the time, they were managing remote customer support representatives on their own, however this quickly became costly as volume ramped up. They had to recruit and train each individual on their standard operating procedure, and had to dedicate additional operations staff to monitor performance and maintain quality.


BillTrim chose Flexscale to quickly scale its customer support team, allowing them to process a higher volume of bills while reducing costs and maintaining quality.

Flexscale rapidly grew the customer support team, selecting and carefully training each representative on BillTrim’s procedures. Flexscale managers offloaded recruiting and performance management from the BillTrim team, allowing them to focus on building more technology and acquiring new customers.


By offloading a part of their customer support operations to Flexscale, BillTrim was able to grow their customer support staff from 14 to 78 within 45 days. With Flexscale helping maintain performance when serving customers, BillTrim was able to maintain a stellar 4.9 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. With Flexscale managers helping oversee customer support, BillTrim can focus on what they do best: trimming your bills.

We chose Flexscale for their ability to rapidly find the best people for our customer support team, and the persistence they have shown in getting the best results for our customers. They go above and beyond, not only meeting our needs but constantly looking for opportunities to improve our processes.

- Dipesh D. | CEO

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