How Flexscale helped CLAIM8 increase lead generation by 3x without increasing the sales team size

CLAIM8 partnered with Flexscale to 3x its outreach and maximize lead generation without compromising the quality of the leads.

Rahul A.
January 11, 2023


In a volatile world where climate change has compelled companies to redistribute their supply chains, reduce emissions, and factor in emerging risks, CLAIM8’s solutions minimize uncertainty. CLAIM8 helps map out non-obvious risks and recognize new opportunities with its proprietary climate modelling.

Increased regulation, transparency, and accountability mean companies must stay abreast of climate change-induced changes and assess their potential impact on society and business. CLAIM8’s scenario development enables companies to plan out critical scenarios for disclosures while improving resilience. The scenario development encompasses populations, locations, emissions, extreme events, energy, assets, supply chains, and at-risk materials. Thus, CLAIM8 helps companies identify critical gaps through its unique perspective on materiality.


CLAIM8 has advised organizations like the UN, IBM, and Walmart to build a more resilient and flexible approach to managing emerging risks and prospects. Their next challenge was to scale up repeatable sales of their comprehensive solution while retaining budget to make sizable investments in their technology. With a small sales team, they needed to reach out to more potential clients. They required an outbound sales process that scaled, generating quality leads, closing them, and onboarding new clients without increasing their team’s size.


CLAIM8 partnered with Flexscale to magnify its outreach and maximize lead generation without compromising the quality of the leads. The partnership was an integrated process, during which CLAIM8 worked closely with their Flexscalers and their Flexscale operations manager.

CLAIM8 gave their Flexscalers strict qualification criteria for its audiences, which the latter filtered to target top prospects on LinkedIn. The Flexscaler presented these prospects to CLAIM8 for qualification, then used for capturing contact information needed for outreach. These qualified prospects were then funneled to the CLAIM8 sales team for closing and onboarding.


CLAIM8 offloaded the research, prospecting and lead generation parts of their sales funnel to Flexscale, who helped them multiply their outreach and lead generation by 3x. All of this without increasing the size of CLAIM8’s sales team or hiring new managers. 

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